Monday, November 30, 2009

11.30.09 - an offer you probably shouldn't resist

Seese Family - Columbia MD 2007

For a donation of $200 (tax deductible) towards our Africa Trip (click on link for more info) I will do family portraits for you for this year's christmas cards and christmas gifts. Final edited photos on cd, you print as many as you want.

Normal photoshoot usually $499
first TEN responders only
1 location, 1 outfit, up to 1 hour of photography, limited to 1 hour of travel from Jamestown NY
E-mail me
to see more of my portrait work click here

Blog readers get first dibs, if I don't get much of a response it's being opened up to everyone else.

JIM baker

p.s sorry for the lack of blog posts, I was traveling and I haven't felt that great, I'll try and get a blog update up soon


  1. Count the Rohlins as one of the 10

  2. I love this idea of family photos...

    WOW. This is an amazing pic of this family.

    Do you do animals birds too? Senior Pics?

    Blessings and Prosperity !!!!!
    Lois Bentley

  3. @ rick - lets set up a time

    @ Lois - i'm not too fond of animals so if I'm taking pictures of animals I'm charging more :) But I do do senior portraits

  4. Jim,
    I saw your post from a link from the Erretts. We live across the street from them. Do you have your 10 slots filled? If not, I am interested, but we may be a challenge - we have 5 children, so we are a big group. Not sure if we are a good candidate....let me know - Just thinking that we havent had a family pic but once in the 10 yrs we have been married. Also, if you are up for the challenge - would it be possible to do in the spring/summer/fall? Not sure when your trip is or how long it is....lots of questions - ok, i see when your trip is. could possibly pay up front for future pictures when the weather is better.. please let me know.
    Lori Pumford

  5. Lori! Thanks for checking out the blog. The Errett are a great family. We have not filled the ten spots yet. Let me email you with more details and answers to your questions.

  6. Oops I don't have ur email address. Why don't you email me.


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