Thursday, July 12, 2012

3 Reasons Why I’m NOT buying the new macbook pro

Apples and something from a mac box.  

My computer is back from the 2nd repair.  My logic board went out last month and I got it repaired.  It lasted a week before it went out again so I had to send it back again.  

During that time, Apple announced its new line of computers.  
The 15” macbook pro with Retnia display has been announced.  
I am currently using a 15” macbook pro from 2008.  Here’s why I’m NOT upgrading.  

1.  Computers DEPRECIATE in value SO FAST!
When I was learning about getting out of debt and reading a lot about finances, a lot of people told you never to buy a NEW car because they depreciate so fast.  

I bought this computer in 2008 for around $4,000!  It is now currently worth about $400 only 4 years later.  In 4 year it has dropped to 10% of its worth.  That is HORRIBLE.  

So to “get my moneys worth” out of this thing I need to make it last as LONG as possible from a financial standpoint.  It's working just fine now that the logic board is replaced.  I just bought my third battery and could stand to throw a bit more ram in here BUT those are minor upgrades instead of buying a brand new computer.  

2.  CONTENTMENT!  I won’t play into CONSUMERISM.  
Do the new macbook pros look AMAZING?!  Yes they really do, they are slimmer and the new displays are suppose to be amazing too.  Although I don't think I could tell a huge difference unless I was comparing side by side... and even then, who knows. 

But I need to learn to be content.  Does this computer FUNCTION and do everything that I need it to do?  Yup.  

I also wouldn't be able to pay cash for a new computer right now and I'm not going back into debt ever.  

3.  IF I were to upgrade I would upgrade to a 13” macbook air.
Surprising huh?   I honestly don’t do photography that much anymore, so I don’t need a 15” screen.  I travel a TON and I would just love having a much SMALLER lighter thinner computer.  

I could upgrade the macbook air to 8 gigs or ram (which is 2x what I currently have) and upgrade to a 512 solid state harddrive which would also be 2x what I currently have and it would probably be blazing fast in comparison to what I'm using now.  I’m not doing any video editing and I actually like having a smaller hard drive because it FORCES me to back up often.  

The new macbook pros look a bit like overkill to me.  But people buy them because they are the “best” which is exactly what businesses want.  

I would have NEVER considered an air until two professional photographers that I know and respect have said that they handle their photography workflow with no problem.  

Engage:  How often do you upgrade to a new computer?  Let us know in the comments.  


  1. i will have had mine 6 years in August. it has it's bugs. my headphone jack only plays through one side (or one side of my speakers), but sine I use my ipod for almost everything, it doesn't matter much. my question mark key hasn't worked since like 4 weeks after i got it (spilled mt. dew. college. yeah...), so I copy and paste mine. ha. it works. i had my hd replaced twice back when i had apple care and replaced it once myself. i really need a newer operating system, but not sure how to go about that. but since i mainly use my computer to see pics larger and type longer emails, I'm okay for now :-)

  2. I've had mine since 2009 I think, and I'm hoping to be able to hang onto it for a few more years! The only reason I would want to upgrade before this one bites the dust is to get a bigger screen.. And that's not worth replacing a perfectly good computer for me right now. 

  3. Stellar. Part of me is ashamed to admit that I run a graphic design business on a PC bought in 2005 running CS2, but it's true! I have no problems and my workflow is great (now that I have my many many graphics files on an external hard drive).

    The professional world of creatives have turned their noses up at anyone who uses something other than a Mac.

  4. I have had mine since 2005! I haven't upgraded due to the whole not going into debt thing.  Your posts are inspiring Jim! Hope all is well :)

  5. I've had my tablet pc since August 2007.  Soon will be time to change it in...thinking about a 13" macbook pro or air, once I have the money for it!  Maybe get a refurb/used model from last year for less?  

  6. how big is your screen?  13"?  save up and get a giant 27" monitor to hook up to your laptop :)  

  7. yeah... there is that stigma... i'm a total mac guy though... but your design work is awesome!  so its about the skill not what you made it on!  My photo instructor told a funny story about how the guests all complimented a chef after the meal and all said man you must have really nice pots and pans!  

  8. glad they are inspiring!  hows your blog going?  and yay for not going into debt!

  9. 6 years!  thats awesome!!!  what OS are you running?  

  10. find someone with a mac family and friends discount.. its about the same as buying refurb only you get the new product!  

  11. my little acer, 11.5 inch, $325 does all i need. it is a little slow but for email, and word processing it is fine, and carrying it around the world is easy
    I have to up grade to new computers about every 4 or 5 years, i generally give my old one away  if it still works.
    Valories HP 17 inch is real nice, great screen and somewhat faster but to carry it around becomes a chore. it cost about $600 two yrs ago.
    the cheap stuff works great for me. I wish someone would give me a Mac pro, i would like to have one but will not pay the price they ask.

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