Tuesday, November 24, 2009

11.24.09 - nuts and bolts and parking garages

oahu - 2009 (for some reason I love doing photography in parking garages)

We're headed to MD today for thanksgiving. My parents have sold the house I grew up in and moved into a two bedroom apartment. Should be interesting. Hopefully nothing like what happened last time on our way to baltimore will happen this time.

If you want to see the
sermon I preached yesterday you can watch it online for another couple of weeks. Or you can get the audio here.

Jess and I had dinner last night with
Tim and Aruna Swauger of Equip India over at Rick and Sandi's house. Aruna brought authentic home made Indian food and it was AMAZING. We met them to hear how our youth group could help their ministry. I will write soon more about their ministry, it's pretty amazing.

Aaron Reinard came and spoke last night to our youth and brought a message of Jesus constantly raising the bar in Matt 5-7. We had our students ask themselves where they were settling in life and where they needed to raise the bar.
That life isn't just about existing and hoping and waiting for the weekend.

Jihan Mora - Toronto Summer 2008

We're meeting up with Jihan Mora as soon as we get into MD to meet up for Indian Food at India Delight. I LOVE Indian food.

Thanks for the recent comments, make sure you check out the comment section after you leave a comment, I always try to respond.

JIM baker

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