Tuesday, November 3, 2009

11.03.09 - wow november is here... and my car is dead, but jansport is amazing!

So... we got the official verdict on the car today... "Play taps" said Brian Adelgren when I asked him how the car was... the whole lower part of the engine is gone and its not worth replacing. Not sure what we're going to do, just trusting God. I am very grateful to the Paterni family who gave me this car in April of this year. In 7 months Jess and I put 30,000 miles on it.

In other news... JANSPORT is AMAZING. I remember buying a jansport backpack because my sister had one when we were both in school. I remembered her saying it was an awesome deal because it had a lifetime warranty even though it was more expensive than other backpacks. Well this backpack has been EVERYWHERE with me but the zipper broke recently so I decided to take them up on their lifetime warranty. I mailed it in and it came back with a new BUFF zipper, you can see in comparison to the other zipper on the backpack. I just love companies that really take care of you.

JIM baker


  1. What about swapping a used engine into your car. The body looks great in the pic.

  2. WOW! It work finally!

  3. nice... what'd you do to get it to comment? the cars still just sitting in my mechanics parking lot... deader than a doornail.


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