Sunday, November 15, 2009

11.15.09 - office pic and mini sandbox/sand garden

my office

We had an awesome church service today (i will blog about it later today) and two of the staff from camp mission meadows where I worked for part of this summer came to our church and visited and I went out to lunch with them after and had a great conversation.

I decided to come back and unpack my office since there was still two large boxes that need to be unpacked that have been here in the church since August. I decided it was probably time to do that huh?

One of the boxes was stuff that I had in my last office which I haven't touched for almost two years. In it was this "zen garden." I worked at a high school in Maryland as the alternative education assistant and worked with all of the at risk kids, mostly supervising in school suspension. My supervisor had one in her office that I often made fun of it but found myself always playing in it, so she bought me one for Christmas. She said she had it in there so that kids could come in and just chill out. Playing in the sand with the little tiny rakes is actually quite relaxing.

So I'm redeeming it... we'll now call it a prayer garden or something and rebuke the zen part. But I wanted to tell you why I had it in my office. No I'm not into zen... and no I don't just have it cause I'm asian... haha. Here's an open invitation to anyone to come hang out in my office with me when I'm here and try relaxing with the... eh, lets just call it a sandbox.

Also we're gonna repaint it and get rid of this obscene border too... I'm thinking grey to match the blog what do you think?

JIM baker


  1. That border is redonkulios bro! But the 'sandbox' is nice. I think your wife needs to get home before you go crazy or blow something else up...

  2. i want to play in your sandbox!

  3. Nice office. Always good to see the mandatory milk crate... :-)

  4. @ mark - the office is freshly painted... i gotta get some more stuff up on the walls and then i'll do a post of the new version

    @ lisa - feel free its in there, it even now has sand from waikiki

    @ dad - thanks... milk crates are a must :)


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