Wednesday, December 2, 2009

12.02.09 - my life savings, and an update from from turkey day

shot to show texture, hard lighting off camera to left SOP Project 2008

So Jess and I went yesterday to empty out one of those large water jugs that you see in offices, the typical gossip water cooler. I started filling one up with pennies in 1995, for some reason at that age I thought if I saved enough change that someday it could be something that I could cash in if I ever needed it. Well we didn't cash it in because we needed the money we cashed it in because we needed the jug. We're going to use the jug to collect change at our church towards the Africa trip.

Anyway, after a lot of noise and having to have a bank teller come over to take change out of the machine because I filled it to capacity the Warren PA Northwest Savings bank gave me a whopping $49.95. That is 4,995 pennies. I guess I wasn't to aggressive in my saving for the past 14 years. :)

Anyway, thanksgiving was GREAT, we spent time in MD with my parents and got to see my sister, brother in law and niece as well. Ate a lot of Indian food, got caught up on rest, had a great prayer time with my parents.

Mike, Lindsey, Jeannie, Mom, Dad, me and Jess

Put in an 11 hour work day at the office today but they did feed me lunch and dinner so I'm not complaining. I'll update soon about some cool stuff that has been happening this week. If you think of it pray for me I've had a headache and body ache for about two weeks with no other symptoms. It's on and off... not sure what it is. Excederin migraine was the only thing that touched it.

JIM baker


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