Monday, March 12, 2012

2012 March General Update | Aloha! Greetings from Hawaii!

Honolulu Airport | March 11, 2012 | Iphone3gs and Instagram 

Aloha and greetings from Hawaii!  Here is a quick update... 

Didn't know we were in Hawaii?  Read Hawaii 2012: The details YOU want to know

We are HERE!  After about 24 hours of travel and 4 flights later, we are in Hawaii!  

We started out Saturday March 10th 2012 in Maryland celebrating Jess' birthday with a pancake-palooza!  We had some friends meet up and bring various pancake toppings and we made some crazy good pancakes :)  

We then headed to BWI for our first of four flights.  The curb side check in guy saved us a ton of money by telling us transfer the stuff from our two overweight checked bags into a carry on and make it a checked bag.  Two overweight suitcases would have cost $200 EXTRA.  Checking an extra bag was only $60!  

We flew from Baltimore to Chicago, then to Seattle where we had a long layover but enjoyed a breakfast burrito from Qdoba, which was the only place open in the airport after midnight.  From Seattle we flew to San Fransisco and then to Honolulu, Hawaii.  

Our leaders picked us up and managed to fit ALL of our luggage and the 4 of us, into a two door coupe.  

We were shown our home for the next a 4 months which is a small 1 level, 4 bedroom, 1 bath, house that we are sharing with two other families that both have children.  :)  I've heard that there might be some adjustments to our living situation so we will see what happens. 

Jess' sushi (top) Jim's mix plate (bottom)

We went to walmart to pick up some essentials like pillows and a blanket.  Then we ate some local food

We grabbed some starbucks to get some assistance against the jet lag which brought about a CRAZY story that I will write about in another post soon.  

We returned to the base, went over some paperwork, had our first staff meeting and then went out to dinner as a staff.  

Tomorrow we have the day off to get settled in.  

Thank you to everyone that has prayed for us, encouraged us and given financially so that we can be here!  

Jim and Jess Baker 


  1. Okay, so a little worried about all the crazy weather we have been hearing about. Glad you are there and safe!

  2. thanks Karen!  I assume this is Karen Federline? 

  3. thanks Bethany!  

  4. Sounds very exciting - interesting living arrangement.  looking forward to your updates.

  5. thanks gail, we'll keep you updated!

  6. thanks karen! 


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