Friday, November 13, 2009

11.13.09 - crazzzy day

R.I.P Moscow
(1997 - 2009)

Today has been crazy, setting things on fire in my microwave, being chased down by some guy who cornered me in a store just to tell me I couldn't turn right on red in a school zone, and my cat had to be put down today. It was getting mean, and my parents are moving. (the comments section is not for an animal rights discussion so please keep those comments to yourself, they will be deleted)

I miss jess. Luckily cell phones keep us in pretty good contact. She got knocked over today by a kid when they were doing ministry in a children's cerebral palsy home, everyone is fine though. They did evangelism on the ferry last night and have been receiving some training as well. Hoping that tomorrow will be a bit more productive and a little less crazy for me.

JIM baker


  1. Sorry to hear about Moscow. I know he's been sick for quite awhile. Must have been hard for Mom and Dad...They become part of the family.

  2. Sorry about Moscow... I think you had a love/hate relationship with him. Still, it's too bad.

  3. @ grandma - thank you

    @ chris - love/hate indeed thank you


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