Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Check out our 5 bedroom 3 bathroom home in Honolulu!

 This is the view of our room our main door the evening we moved in.  A bare cfl bulb from the middle of the ceiling illuminated everything.  

"We volunteer with missions organizations because of the housing!" said no one ever...

Aloha!  E komo mai. Nou ka hale!  This is our room for the next couple of months.  I've heard at the end of May we're suppose to move over to family housing.  So I'll make sure and update you when we get there.  

Here's some before and after shots of our room.  The bags and boxes and stuff that are in the room is all of our stuff, either the stuff we brought with us from the mainland or stuff we kept in storage here in Hawaii.  

We're living in the "Shekinah" which is one of the buildings for students.  That's why it has 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.  Last year we lived in this house in two different rooms.  But this time we got one of the bigger rooms.  This specific room, when we were living in this house last year, had 4 students in it. And I think that they can fit a third bunk bed in here to make it house 6.  

There are only 6 DTS students and 8 SBS students this quarter, so it's a small quarter.  The students are all living in different houses on the campus.  So that means we have a bathroom to ourselves!  Hallelujah!  In the kitchen area, we've got a full refrigerator and freezer to ourselves, along with a sink, lots of cupboard space and an electric skillet which we've become quite adept at using.  

Three doors down is the SBS office and that's it right now.  Ya know what?  I'm thinking I'll give a video tour of the whole house soon.  

 This is the view from the back door that leads outside, that you saw in the first photo.  

This is the view standing at the head of the bed.

With a few trips to Target, some creativity and borrowing stuff from other rooms... this is what we did!

It's not perfect by any means, but it's a lot better, and it's temporary.  I felt it was money well spent.  3 lamps, lightbulbs, CURTAINS that covered the whole window, (curtains aren't cheap!) a curtain rod, a battery operated drill, some plants, a fan.  I thought for my mental health over the next year that I needed a safe place with a good atmosphere.  The room is doubling as my office right now as well.  

Since we've been married, we've never decorated a spacewe ALMOST painted our first apartment but the same month of buying paint we found out rather abruptly that we were moving to Indiana.  

Don't ask me why there is duct tape above the door... I'm afraid to take it down to find out why it's there.  

I digress, we're blessed.  There are a lot of people that would be happy to have this very roof over their head.  

I hope this didn't discourage any of you from coming and visiting! 

Engage:  What is the craziest living conditions you've ever lived in?  Do you have some interior decorating tips?  Share with us in the comments!


  1. You've managed to make a "room" into a homey living space. Great job!

  2. Looking good! I have learned that no matter how long you are somewhere, it's important to have a "homey atmosphere." For decorating tip? Pictures and WALL ART! I love wall art that sticks on the walls but easy to peel off when you are done. A dear friend of mine sent me several wall art Bible verses while I was in China. I LOVE it and I read those verses first thing in the morning.

  3. nice, Jess wanted to get a wall decal for above our bed, maybe when we move into our more permanent place.

  4. It looks great. Love the side with the plants, light and wall hanging. love ya!!!!

  5. thanks! i've added a few more plants, we'll see how they grow

  6. Ah, you're in Krista and I's old room! :)

  7. yup, what's with the green spot on the wall? jess said you might have had something to do with that?!

  8. Reminds me of "Hidden Art", by Edith Schaeffer. You done good! Praying for y'all.

  9. i haven't read that one, should i? thanks for the prayers!

  10. Nice work! It's so important to decorate and make your space your own. Paint is often a cheap, but a really impacting face-lifter. And as others have mentioned - wall hangings. You might know someone who has taken some fabulous pictures that you might frame for your decor. ;)

  11. thanks robin! when we get into a more permanent place i'm sure we'll paint :)

  12. Nice job. You took a stark uninviting room and made it in to a warm and inviting one.


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