Saturday, November 21, 2009

11.21.09 - random thoughts from today

Natchez Trace - Sept 2008

Someone just commented on this picture of mine on my flickr. So I decided to share it with you all. And this brings me to my most recent predicament.

Someone else bought

I contacted him and asked him if I could buy it back since I've got thousands of business cards out... he said he just did a whole branding process with that domain name so no.

My flickr account and my gmail address for photography is all based around jimbakerphotography too.

I really think it just furthers the fact that I didn't move up here to western NY/PA to do photography. I moved up here to do ministry, so that needs to be my focus, completly.

I don't know why I get so touchy about not having that domain name anymore... for some reason it really really bothers me.

I do really love photography though.


In other news... I went out to lunch with Devone today a student from our youth group. We went to Bob Evans in Warren PA and as we were waiting in line to be seated three elderly white ladies kept looking back at us repeatedly. I guess it is a pretty uncommon to see an african american and an asian in the same place in Warren PA but do you really have to stare? Our hostess sat us without really saying anything to us, no "have a nice meal" or anything, maybe she was just having a bad day.

the flowers in b/w shot with the g11 and off camera flash

Devone and I went over to wal-mart to pick up my wife flowers and we noticed multiple people staring at us. Not just a look, but like a holding gaze. The cart boy on the way in and then on the way out an elderly gentleman kept staring at us, so I waved and smiled and said hello, he waved nervously and walked quickly out of sight.

Oh western PA.

I went to a high school that was 49% miniority so this is a bit of an adjustment for me.

Tomorrow is my birthday and I'm preaching. We're headed to Maryland on tuesday for thanksgiving.

Jess and I going to Erie tonite for a dinner date and movie. She loves Thai food so we're going to get thai and go see the movie "blindside".

JIM baker


  1. I enjoy your blog and photos. Please keep adding the photos to your blog. The thistle one reminded me of Matt 12:20. Also reminded me of Heather Armstrong's work.
    Thank you for your open sharing and strong preaching of the word today.
    Again. Welcome to WNY, PA. You are indeed a light. Lois Bentley

  2. mm.. i love thai food too.

    it's funny how people will stare at you until you wave and are friendly then they get all embarrassed and walk away.

  3. Lois! thanks so much for commenting and checking in with the blog. I just went and checked out Heather Armstrongs work, she's REALLY good. How did you hear about her? You're welcome for sharing/preaching today it was fun!

    Lisa - we didn't end up getting thai food, maybe in MD this upcoming week...

  4. Stumbled on your post while searching for something else, and felt terrible about your experience. On behalf of the "normal" (I know that's a stretch) folks in Warren, PA, I apologize. Beautiful photos BTW.

  5. Anonymous, thanks! I know that the staring is not intentional or rude, its just a natural reaction to things that are different, I'm trying to not take offense to it. thanks for the compliments on the photos. feel free to check in whenever :)


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