Friday, November 6, 2009

11.06.09 - I LOVE Indian food

indian food from house of india in columbia md

Not the prettiest pic at all, but it is my most viewed picture on flickr.

Tonite Jess and I are going to Buffalo to meet up with some of her friends from Rochester. We're going to try out Taste of India and I'm really excited because I absolutely LOVE Indian food.

The nearest Indian restaurant for us is all the way in Erie, its called Raj Mahal. It's worth the drive though.

In Columbia MD there is a new Indian restaurant that opened and the owner knows Jess and I because when we were there this summer we went there three days in a row. Last week we were in MD and Dave the owner greeted us and said that he hadn't seen us in a while. It's called India Delight.

Anyway my favorite dish is chicken tikka masala.

Got thoughts on Indian food? Leave em in the comment section!

JIM baker


  1. I love Chicken Tikka masala. I will send you a great recipe that Jeremiah and I use. You will love it!

  2. send it our way! i'm looking forward to it!

  3. we almost got Indian food when I was in Rochester, but they didn't have buffet on Sat night and the people we were with couldn't afford full, highly priced meals. but it's fun. last time i went i was with Sam, my friend from India, and he told me what was what and talked with the people who owned the place. Good times.

  4. indian food is the best! i wonder how the indian food we eat here compares to the indian food in india. cause i spent some time in china and nothing was like american chinese food.


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