Thursday, September 30, 2010


Whats up everyone? Time again for another critique competition between the CARPE DIEM team! This week's theme is CRAYON.

I know some of you wanted to vote last week and could not because of the required google account, that has CHANGED so now everyone can vote.

Vote telling us which pic you like the best by LETTER and tell us WHY!

Only votes on the blog comment section are official and you can only vote for 1 pic.
Voting will end at 11am on Saturday Oct 2nd.

All of the votes for the winning picture will be automatically entered in a random drawing and the winner picked will get an 8x12" print of the winning picture!

The winning pic and print give away winner will be announced monday Saturday the 2nd on the blog.

- JIM baker





ANONYMOUS POSTS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED and only comments on the blog count!

Click on the word "comments" on the bottom of this post, and then click on name/url if you don't have a google account, and type in your FIRST and LAST name for us so we know who you are.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

09.23.10 - the CHICKEN challenge

So the Carpe Diem team has decided to get competitive. A little healthy competition is GOOD for us, it keeps our creative juices flowing.

The subject for our little shoot out was CHICKEN.

But we NEED your help. Vote on which picture you think is BEST and tell us WHY in the comment section of the blog. Only comments on the blog will be accepted as official votes.

Don't worry right now about who shot what, I'll let you know that once the votes are in. Lets see if we can get at least twenty votes! Voting ends Saturday the 25th at 10am.





JIM baker

Thursday, September 16, 2010

09.16.10 - Calvert/Fessler Wedding

The wedding ceremony and reception was held at the beautiful Elkridge Furnace Inn near Baltimore Maryland. (I actually worked here for about 4 months during high school, this is where I found out that I didn't want to be a chef.)

Gordon and his son Jack get ready!

Joanna the bride getting ready.

Abi, Gordon's daughter contemplates before the wedding.

Abi and Joanna showing off their matching shoes.

Abi doing an excellent job as the flower girl.

Joanna's dad walks her down the aisle.

Scripture is read and a song is sung.

You may kiss the bride!

The rings.

The Calvert family!

Charlie's angels?



Chef Wecker and his staff do an amazing job cooking up delectable meals!

First dance.

Daddy daughter dance.

The cake.

Music provided by Jose from Alder entertainment.

It was Joanna's dad's birthday as well so he was suprised with his very own cake.

Father daughter dance.

The escape.
Goodbye! Sent off with bubbles, headed to Jamica.

CONGRATS to Mr and Mrs Calvert! Thanks for the honor of sharing your beautiful day!

JIM baker

Friday, September 10, 2010

09.10.10 - Clare [SENIORS '11] Maryland

So with less than a week before moving 500 miles south west from New York to Indiana, I decided it'd be a brilliant idea to drive 300 miles south EAST to Maryland.

Makes a lot of sense huh? I was actually driving out there to shoot a wedding that I had booked earlier in the year not knowing that the time frame would be so close to moving since the move came VERY quickly.
(Wedding will be blogged next week)

Clare contacted me about doing her senior portraits during the summer. She was actually living and working about 20 mins from where I lived in New York on Lake Chautauqua most of the summer but again, driving 300 miles to do photoshoots just seems a lot more logical than driving 20 mins :)

Anyway Clare did an excellent job as you can see from these pics! Clare it was a blast working with you!

JIM baker