Friday, November 13, 2009

11.13.09 - flaming buttery garlic epic fail

taken with my iphone

Sooo... jess is out of town and I was heating up some left over pizza for lunch and I love little caesars butter garlic dip so I threw that on the plate too since it had congealed in the fridge...

I poke 1 minute on the microwave and walk away and hear all this popping, I turn around and open the microwave to see the dipping sauce in flames...

I stood there for a second thinking this will make a great blog post, I somehow wanted to tie in something someone said earlier this week to my blog and this will be great, and I should really put a battery in my smoke alarm and then it dawned on me... I should blow this out. Four giant huffs and puffs later with ashes flying all over the microwave and no more flaming butter garlic dipping sauce.

I just put a battery in our smoke alarm, (Here's a friendly reminder to GO TEST YOUR BATTERIES RIGHT NOW TOO) and wrote little caesars telling them what happened and told them that they might be able to save themselves a lawsuit if they put "do not microwave" on the dipping sauces. It really never dawned on me that the lid would have foil on it... its not readily evident.

I might write about what I thought this blog post inspired later but I try to keep these short since technology has ruined all of our attention spans. ;)

JIM baker


  1. haha, I am glad life is exciting :)

  2. Ha, ha, Amazing what women know that men don't have a clue. Happy to hear you did blow it out....and fix the smoke alarm... Love, Grandma

  3. haha that is too funny, I guess you got that from me.... I too have done that only with the papa johns garlic sauce!! luv ya :)


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