Saturday, October 31, 2009

10.31.09 - last year at this time... and friends

oct 31 2008 - kailua kona, hawaii

Last year Sandi Walrod and Jess (then) Stiles (now BAKER) came dressed to the Hallelujah party at my apartment in Kona as me. They say imitation is the highest form of flattery. ;)

Crazy that a year later we're all still hanging out only this time in Baltimore MD for the VOA conference, luckily neither of them are dressed as me. (At least I don't think Sandi is ;) she's at the conference today, Jess and I took the day off)

It has been GREAT to run into some friends at this conference. Friday night I ran into three friends Augustine and Sarah Park and Hannah Brogi. I met them in Comitan, Mexico on a missions trip. There I saw the greatest outpouring of the holy spirit that I have seen to this day during a worship service.

We also ran into Jared and Brianne Miller too. Jared is the brother of my good friend Mark's wife Jeanette. He and his family are just pursuing revival in their home town by being intentional with the people in their neighborhood. They are partnering with other local churches in the area and they said that they have seen God do the most in the liquor store on the corner.

I think I realized that I've hit my traveling quota for right now. Jared asked me how far I lived from here at lunch yesterday and I just stared at him blankly and could not figure out where I was.

Tomorrow we are back to NY with the help of a lot of good people.
JIM baker

p.s the new Cory Asbury album is epic, i've been listening to it over and over again all night.


  1. Was great seeing you guys on Wednesday! Can you post about the different messages? Esp. Heidi Baker!!!

    I've been listening to Cory Asbury lots too! He's awesome.

  2. hey it was great to see you too, we'll be back around thanksgiving... if you wanna connect lemme know.

    Heidi Baker looked at the book of Ephesians and here are some of the highlights.

    You can do nothing with out christ or the body
    it makes God happy when we act like sons and daughters
    We need an understanding of humility and authority
    Never budget God, He is extravagantly lavish
    The only way you will do what God wants you to do is to be filled with the Holy Spirit
    We need radical trust
    If you don’t believe who you are you will never fulfil your destiny


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