Wednesday, January 27, 2010

01.27.2010 - off to kenya

a graphic my dad made for us :)

Jess and I are off to Kenya today. Please be praying for us. We return in 10 days.

Wanna read about what we'll be doing there? Click here.

If there's internet where we are I'll do my best to keep you all updated, but no promises. Check the twitter feed below for the most recent updates.

JIM baker


  1. I hope you guys are warm in Kenya because here in Maryland we are all freezing in a record breaking blizzard! Brrrrrrr......

  2. hey jihan, we're back now... its cold here in NY too. we hanging out this upcoming weekend?

  3. yeah, if I can dig my way out of the house!

  4. haha... i'll e-mail you about when we're coming in.


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