Thursday, January 7, 2010

01.07.10 - accumulation

shot with the canon g11 edited in imovie hd

Tuesday was our day off and I spent it making this video, all shot from the warmth of my home.

I've had plenty of days off but this was the first one that felt like a "real day off." Jamestown NY is starting to feel like home. Jess and I rearranged some furniture in our apartment, played monopoly with Sandi, (I LOVE monopoly) and then had dinner with our friends Andrew and Jackie.

I shot this video because I wanted to show you how peaceful snow looks as its falling. But it made me think. Even though snow looks so peaceful as falls, once it hits the ground it accumulates quickly. If it's not properly taken care it can become destructive very fast.

What have we allowed to build up in our lives because we were caught up in enjoying how it looks and how it feels but not realizing the affect of its accumulation. What in our lives needs to be maintained?

JIM baker

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