Tuesday, January 19, 2010

01.19.10 - WOAH! Daniel Chung's art

I was just looking at Daniel's facebook profile tonite and ran across his album of artwork from his first year in college. I am BLOWN AWAY.

I met Daniel in the summer of 2007 in Comitan Mexico. He came down with his youth group to serve where my team was already.

I asked his permission to download the pictures and clean them up a bit (adjusted the white balance, and did a crappy job of cloning out the distracting lamp in the top pic) to show you all.

Its been a while since I've seen something that has impressed me so much.

When asked about his artwork Daniel said..

"We were to make art out of 1 object and I just went crazy with it, I just started art so I didn't have the drawing/painting craft practiced like them so i just did what I was used to building stuff.."

The two pieces above were made with plain white drawing paper.

If you're interested in buying these pieces... you can't.

"I'm glad you like it, sold it all though, took up too much space"

To see the full album of Daniel's artwork click here.

JIM baker


  1. I'm glad you did a post on Daniel's artwork! He's so modest about it. I know that whatever he's doing in life, he needs to be doing his art!

  2. yeah dude... i'm SUPER impressed

  3. dude... thank YOU... keep making more art man, you've got some God given talent.

  4. GOD really has given this guy a gift.

  5. absolutely, I love that he said "i just did what I knew" he didn't try to conform to what others were doing he just let who he was shine through... so good


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