Friday, July 2, 2010

07.02.10 - hello July... and hello James family!

Please meet the James family.

The 3 kids.

Paiton and Tate.

Paul and Lori wanted to get in on the action too.

Dad and the kids.

Daddy and daughter. (my fav of the shoot)

Kaleb with his dad.

Tate and his mom eating ice cream. (I LOVE Tate's ice cream eating face.)

Siblings sharing

And lastly Mom with her boys.

Wow... July already. Jess and I had a blast spending the last day of June with the James' family. They contacted me when I was offering the deal you shouldn't refuse which helped us get to Africa at the beginning of the year.

The James' saw my work while getting their haircut at the Erretts. I did a family shoot for the Erretts before I even started this blog. You can check out their pics here.

When we started the shoot, Paul said that they were going for half as good as the Erretts and if we got that they would be happy. I think we did at least half as good huh? ;)

We started out at Celeron Park which is seeming to be my go to spot now for photos. To get their kids to smile they kept talking about getting ice cream after the shoot. So when we wrapped up the posed pics, I asked if we could tag along and take some ice cream candids . We went to the Ice Cream Shack in Lakewood. We snapped some pics and they graciously bought Jess an ice cream cone too! They offered me one as well, but holding an ice cream cone and taking pictures is a bit difficult.

Tomorrow I'm second shooting a wedding with Pranee Loffer of THIS beautiful couple.

Then Jess and I are hitting the road for a couple weeks. I'll try and post as often as I can.

JIM baker


  1. Beautiful photos. Love all the different poses.

  2. Best set of portraits yet, in my opinion, can't wait to see you guys! :) :) :)

  3. These pictures are great. The color and the expressions are priceless.

  4. I LOVE these. The youngest kid is awesome. Great shots!

  5. awesome pictures dude! Nice Job -corey


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