Monday, January 18, 2010

01.18.10 - digital noise ISO

As I mentioned in this post, I bought the canon 5dm2 because of its full frame sensor which allows it to handle noise much better at high ISO's. Meaning better quality pictures in low light. Below are some completely unedited examples of how my different cameras handle ISO 3200.

Chris and Sharon's wedding // October 2008 NYC

taken with the Canon G11 @ iso 3200
(notice ALL the noise)

Shot for a photostory (click the link to watch it) I did for Phil Cunningham // Kona Hawaii 2008

taken with the canon 20d @ iso 3200

(some noise, more noticeable in the upper left hand corner in the shadows, not as bad as I thought it was in my head though, I always made out the 20d to be a noise monster)

Dan Mohler preaching at Praise Fellowship this weekend

5dm2 pretty much no visible noise.

So there ya have it folks... can you tell a difference?

Just got confirmation on my lens rental of the 100-400 for Africa. 9 days until we leave.

I'll write a bit more updated blog about Africa since I know a little more than when I wrote about the trip in October.

JIM baker


  1. wow. that's so cool. i've started to enjoy photography, but honestly don't know much about it. but i like the visual explaining the difference and noise. :-) thanks.

  2. glad it helped! photography is awesome... you got a new camera for xmas yeah?

  3. Wow Jim! Your photography always inspires me with those sharp and clear details. Makes photography look that much more appealing ;)

  4. i did get a new camera for Christmas. 12 megapixels, 3x optical zoom. Def not astounding for a camera, but def way better than the 3 megapixel one i've been using on my phone with basically no zoom. I'm having fun with it. haha.


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