Monday, February 8, 2010

02.08.10 - 3:47am

Jess and me right before we left Masai Mara

Its 3:47am right now, jet lag. At least I'm not up with a stomach ache like I was last night.

Africa was awesome. We were so blessed to be able to go. John and Pamela Okinda are doing AMAZING things for the kingdom of God. Our team was so honored to come alongside them and provide any help we could.

It was a quick ten day trip, but I feel like we accomplished a ton and learned a lot.

While we were there John and Pamela invited another 4 orphans into their own personal home. They now have a total of 12 orphans living with them.

I'll write more about the things we did in future posts. Consider this an introduction.

* * * * *

From a photography standpoint...

I took 4,427 photos while we were there. Most of them, portraits for sponsorship of the nearly 300 students that John has.

I set out to take 10,000 pictures, or 1,000 a day, but wound up getting diagnosed with malaria last monday and spent quite a bit of time in bed.

The 5dm2 and the 24-105 treated me real well, I'm VERY glad I was able to get the new camera before I went.

Masai Mara is AMAZING. I seriously highly recommend going if you ever have the chance to go. It was a great way to end our trip. I had no clue that you actually got THAT close to the animals.

I'll post soon about more photography thoughts I had while in Africa.

JIM baker


  1. Looking forward to reading more. Happy to hear it was a successful trip. Hope your feeling better every day. Lv, G & G

  2. thanks grandma! happy belated birthday!

  3. Jim, I am SOOOO got to fly in!! We went in an old van, which I was too car sick by the time we got there to really enjoy the animals ;p I'm glad your feeling better! :)

  4. yup we flew... felt like a rockstar, this lady was taking pictures of us when we flew out i think she just assumed we were famous, i mean who flies into masai mara on a private plane?

    jess and i weren't feeling 100% on the safari either but that wasn't because of car sickness just other tummy stuff...

    i always travel now with motion sickness tablets in my camera bag after a gnarly bus trip from Comitan Mexico to Cancun where one of the girls on my team puked in a pringles can...

    pumped that you guys are going to kenya soon excited to see what you all bring back in the way of photo and video


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