Friday, January 1, 2010

01.01.10 - happy new year

NYE @ camp mission meadows 2009

Jess and I brought in the new year with over one hundred kids grades 7-12 from six different churches at Camp Mission Meadows.

Andy Frudd from Bemus Point Methodist brought an awesome message about allowing God to unload our backpacks full of junk and start the new year fresh. I presented the simple gospel message of God's love and plan and an awesome time of worship followed led by Ben and Liz Blick.

Andy encouraged the kids to pray for one another. A teenage boy whom I didn't know ran up to me sobbing and just clung on to me. I had the privelage to minister God's love and truth to him as he spewed tears and snot all over my shoulder :)

What an awesome way to bring in the New Year.

God I ask that 2010 would be a year that we realize how much You love us and that you have so much more in store for us than we're currently living in and that You'd free us up to walk in those things.

JIM baker


  1. i think some of the most privileged moments I've had involve someone spewing snot and tears all over my shoulder. honest.

  2. I am excited you are upgrading your photo equip. Can't wait to see photos from Africa. LoisBentley


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