Monday, January 4, 2010

01.04.10 - out with the old and in with the new

Kailua Kona Hawaii 2008 - School of Photography

It's been a week without a dslr and well, enough is enough. So today I ordered my new camera.

I bought the Canon EOS5d Mark II with the 24-105 f4 L lens. :)

I'm pumped to have pro gear to go to Africa which happens to be a little more than 3 weeks away...

I choose this camera because it has a full size sensor which means it handles low light A LOT better than the crop sensors like on my 20d. I find myself a lot of times shooting in low light situations so I'm pumped to have a camera that can handle it without giving me a lot of noise at higher ISOs.

Plus it shoots HD Video... here's a sample video from canon's website shot entirely with the 5dm2.

The only downside I see so far is that when you upgrade to pro gear you have to upgrade EVERYTHING to pro gear. Since the new camera is 21.1 megapixels that means I need MUCH bigger and faster cards. I dropped a pretty penny on CF cards.

I had to do some shopping around but between B & H, Adorama and Amazon I found the best deals on everything and didn't have to pay a dime in shipping. Yay for smart shopping!

JIM baker


  1. so i guess this means you're back into photography. awesome.

  2. INCREDIBLE. I watched that video on the Canon website. That was amazing too. Can't wait to see all the new stuff you do. :-)

  3. Yah, I'm slobbering right about now! That's AWESOME, enjoy!! :)

  4. @ lisa - not sure how much video usage its going to get... but we'll see... it will definitely first be a still camera

    @ kate - here's a paper towel, don't get slobber on your keyboard its not good for it ;)


    can't wait to see the photos and hear the stories!

  6. thanks jeff, are you back for Ireland?


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