Friday, January 15, 2010

01.15.10 - cf cards

taken today with the g11

In this post I complained a bit about having to throw down a pretty penny on bigger and faster cf cards for my new camera. I tested my san disk extreme pro 16 gig card this morning and am amazed at the speed.

I remember vividly the first time card speed became a bother. It was when I was shooting Nate and Ashley's engagement photos. I had just gotten back from traveling and was so tired. I was quickly shooting frame after frame, because the sun light was disappearing fast. I was using san disk extreme II 4 gig cards and the camera would seemingly lock up and not let me take more pictures because it was slowly writing to the card. My new camera came with an extreme III 8gig card and gives me the same lag as the 20d did with the extreme II cards.

photo by me // canon 20d // aug 2008

The extreme pro cards are a different story. Sitting in my living room this morning I popped off 16 raw files in continuos mode before it even paused to write, and then when I kept the shutter held down, the lag was less than one second between taking the pictures. The extreme pro cards are definitely pricey but well worth it in my book. I can keep shooting at the speed I want to shoot at and I don't have to wait for the card to catch up.

JIM baker

p.s no I'm not avoiding my own 5 sentences, I'm still thinking, thanks for all the responses, if you haven't checked out the conversation you should do so here.

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