Wednesday, January 20, 2010

01.20.10 - one week till we leave for KENYA!

The Africa Team! Photo Courtesy of Josiah Blick.

Jess, Jim, Anne, Heather, Dave, Arielle, Brian and Devonne.

Next week at this time we will all be on a plane headed for half way across the world to Migori Kenya.

So here's a little bit more detailed post about what we'll be doing while we are over there.

photo courtesy of Rick Rohlin

John Okinda runs an orphanage, a training school for Christians, a high school, and a teachers college. One of our main objectives in going over is to get a headshot portrait of each of the 200 orphans so that we can find sponsors for them.

Along with meeting with the District Commissioner of Migori, Mr. Julius Mutul, we will have opportunities to teach, preach, love on and most of all learn from the people of Migori, Kenya.

Our team is made up of 3 different parent/teen pairs. As the youth pastors of the congregation sending us, we are truly honored to be a part of such an experience that will deepen these family relationships for a lifetime.

Here's John's website. And here is a satellite view of where we will be staying.

Thank you to everyone for your prayers and financial support!

JIM baker


  1. Definitely excited to hear about waht God does and see pictures (yay) of your trip. Expecting good things! God is incredible!

  2. Hey, I took that picture of those cute kids. :-)

  3. you did and not Anne? alright... i'll change the photo credit sorry, Anne gave it to me and I just assumed that Anne took it... I see how this is working... and Anne is already asking for my photos from the trip on cd... is she going to try to steal my work too? ;)


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