Friday, January 22, 2010

01.22.10 - why a vision statement is important

out and about with the 5dm2 // jamestown NY // jan 2010

In a previous post I asked other youth pastors if they could sum up what they were trying to do in 5 sentences or less. We had an awesome ongoing conversation with 26 comments. It challenged me to think about a lot, and it made me realize how blessed I am to be in such an awesome network of people.

While I'm not impressed with grand vision statements if there is no real evidence of those things getting done, I think that having a tangible vision statement helps put parameters and borders on what we do. We can examine everything we do with, "does this help us achieve the things we've set out to achieve?" A vision statement helps keep us focused and on track. In a world where there are pushes, pulls and well meaning suggestions in every direction, we could use some parameters.

I'm still working on my 5 sentences. They need to be given more thought because I want you to hold me accountable to them. I encourage you if you have a vision statement for your ministry or for your life share it with us and ask yourself if the things you're doing are in line with that.

JIM baker


  1. Jim, i love how you constantly challenge, yet want to be challenged yourself. I'm excited to read your vision statement when you finish it and should consider one for myself more seriously.

  2. thanks lisa, yeah personal "life statements" are pretty cool, i've never done one but I'm really impressed with people that do haha... i'm thinking that to do all of this I'm going to need a full day retreat.

  3. mmmmm. a full day retreat sounds like an incredible idea! maybe i'll do one when i go to VA.


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