Monday, October 12, 2009

10.12.09 - higher calling

What do you see below? Just simply a picture of 5 cell phones? Hardly. Recently we've been asking what serves as a distraction at Higher Calling which is the name of the churches youth ministry.

During worship tonite, a student came and dropped their cell phone in the middle of the floor where we were gathered. Putting it down was a tangible display that said, "Jesus you are the most important thing right now." When I looked up from leading worship, more and more cell phones got laid down. I was really blessed to see our students take the initiative to do that without an adult nagging them to do that.

During the worship time I had them pair off and just spend time encouraging one another and praying for one another. I watched as smiles lit up across students faces, its sad that we don't take time to encourage one another more often.

As we moved into the teaching time, I had them write down any questions they have about Christianity, I am trying to get a better feel of where they are and what they want to learn. Then I taught about the importance of CONTEXT when interpreting the bible. (My School of Biblical Studies friends should be proud) and reviewed a basic bible study tool called a "FLQA" which is an awesome simple resource that I got from Nate Bailey.

The students took a piece of paper and divided it up into four parts. We looked at Psalm 91 and wrote down some Facts, the Lesson that we were learning from that portion of scripture, then we wrote down Questions we had and spent time answering them, and then we pulled out Applications.

My application from Psalm 91 is shelter is a stationary thing, and if I do not move and place myself under that shelter, I can stand and still get soaking wet by the storm even though the shelter is right next to me.

We wrapped up the night by breaking up into small groups and processing our day, asking one another how we are really doing on more than just a surface level and praying for one another.

JIM baker

(sorry for the bad photo quality they were taken with my phone, my point and shoot is dead. I'll dedicate a whole post to my late point and shoot soon.)


  1. All I can say is AWESOME!!!!

  2. it may be crappy picture quality but it's a pretty cool effect. If I didn't know better, I'd have guessed photoshop effect instead of cell phone.

  3. thanks ma :) see you in about a week?

    CB... whats good man? i actually edited them quite a bit afterward because they looked like crap regular, so i overdid it a bit in editing to make it look intentional haha


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