Thursday, October 15, 2009

10.15.09 - abide

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I spoke in church this past sunday about John 15:9.
"As the Father has loved me, so I love you, now abide in my love."

This has become a life verse for me, that has changed how I do things.

It's Jesus speaking, and He's saying that with the SAME amount of love that God the father loves Him, that He loves us with that same amount of love. Stop and think about that, let it impact you a bit because its a huge statement. Maybe even stop and repeat those words... Jesus loves me the same way that God the father loves Him... and thats A LOT!!!

But it's the last part that gets me. It says abide (or remain) in my love.

Jesus is telling us to just stay in that place of being loved by Him.

I've tried to stay consistent in loving God and my level of love never stays consistent, but when I just focus in on the radical loving pursuit of Jesus... my natural response is to love Him back. I don't have to try or strive anymore, it's simply natural.

Dan Baumann a good friend of mine who was imprisoned in Iran for preaching the gospel says this...

"Everything we ever want to do for God should be the natural overflow of intimacy with God."

I think a key element for the Church to move forward in power is this. It's time to put away simply doing things out of obligation and duty, and it's time to be radically loved by Jesus and live in response to that. Not indebted as a servant, but freely giving because we've been freely given.

JIM baker

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  1. Ahhh... this is so right on, not only for us as individuals, but for PF and the church at large. I remember after we got our three "new" children, I felt the Lord wanted me to really focus, study, & pray through I Cor 13. I spent weeks at it, but the more I prayed, the worse I felt... almost to the point of despair because of a deep realization that I would NEVER be able to approach that kind of love. Then one day He said, "Now I want you to go to Song of Solomon and do the same thing." I got a couple of good commentaries and dug in. The time that I spent experiencing SofS is beyond words. When I finished, He said, "Now do you understand that the only way you can ever approach 1 Cor 13 love is to LIVE in Song of Solomon?" Thanks for reminding me... the past few months have been a real assault against intimacy. Time to refocus and reconnect... The teens need to experience Jesus for themselves so badly. Chrisianity becomes bloodless and powerless otherwise. Our kids demand nothing less than the real thing and I'm glad they do!!

  2. amen, intimacy with jesus is where its at, i'm glad the teens are demanding what is real, Jess and I realize that our ministry has to be the overflow of intimacy too. :) You're amazing Donna we love you a ton, see you tonite.


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