Friday, October 16, 2009

10.16.09 - really?!

(view from my back window)

ya know... i spent the last two winters in hawaii...

this is a little different.

Jess and I were suppose to go to a ministry training seminar all day today and tomorrow but we are taking the day to just rest and recuperate instead.

JIM baker


  1. GROSS. this makes me want to die.

  2. haha, wow, already? It's about 55 or 60 here. Not much snow in Ireland!

  3. Colleen - Jess laughed out loud for quite a while when I told her what you wrote, thanks for making her day :)

    Jeff, yeah... i remember bragging about being in hawaii all the time i guess now i'm on the other end of things. where can i see some of your pics of the lush green of ireland?


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