Saturday, October 10, 2009

10.10.09 - fall is here

I went for a short walk today, up one side of my street then back down the other. It was great to just be at a walking pace and be able to take the time to take things in.

Fall is very different here than where I grew up in Columbia, MD. The colors are amazing. God is pretty creative huh? I took some time to grab some leaves off of the trees and brought them home and spent some time taking pictures of them to share with you all.

Pray for Jess and I during this huge transition in our lives. New marriage, new job, new city, it gets overwhelming sometimes.

Get out and enjoy a fall day :)
JIM baker


  1. So, I'm totally with you. I grabbed a few pretty leaves this morning while I was out taking pictures just to put on our dining room table. I love fall. And when the sun is out, I love how everything just shines. I've said it over and over: No painter can compare with God, who paints the leaves different colors during Autumn. I even painted a canvas with leaf prints that has the quote hanging on our dining room wall. :-)

    And Jim, I love your leaf pictures. LOVE. Love. love. :-) You captured the colors really well.

    But yeah, I'll def. be praying for you guys!!!

    Much love~Lisa

  2. Beautiful pictures of leaves. Love your albino pumpkin - never saw one before.

    Take care, Kathy L.

  3. Hi Jim and Jess,

    Great photos. I recall when you were a little boy and we use to pick up leaves and wax them. Still enjoying them....only in photos. Cute photo with your pumpkin, Jess. Love you both. G

  4. Lisa - i didn't know you painted, i'd love to see your work sometime, thanks for enjoying the leaf pics and for the prayers

    Kathy - thanks! albino pumpkins are fun, I texted dave last night cause I was hanging out with Nate, does he still have the same phone #?

    Grandma - thanks, i vaguely remember waxing leaves, something to do with wax paper?

  5. Hot wax and then let them cool on waxpaper. Something fun to do....anytime.


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