Saturday, October 17, 2009

10.17.09 - bake sale!!!

Tomorrow our church is having a bake sale to support the
New York City School of Urban Ministry
trip that Jess and I will be going on in November. Two of our students will also be going on this trip.

Jess being the creative one that she is decided to make these cupcakes in hopes that the kids like them and persuade their parents to pay tons of money for them :)

chocolate cupcakes

frosting (thanks donna adelgren) the first batch didn't really work out.

large gum drops
(does this answer your inquiring questions on facebook as to why I was going out to get large gum drops?)

Frosting the cupcakes.

Decorating one of the cupcakes with more frosting.
(yes thats a chop stick, sorry we didn't have any paint brushes)

and the final product! My wife is amazing. She is quite the BAKER isn't she? :) I had nothing to do with this whole project at all, just taking pictures and sharing it with you all.

JIM baker


  1. Yes Jess, you are truly a "BAKER" and I'm proud to share the name with you. The cupcakes turned out real cute. I hope you sell a lot of them.
    Love, Mom


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