Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Technology Is Horrible Click Here To Find Out Why I Want To Be Amish

Lately I've been thinking about... technology, and entertainment...
No I don't actually want to be Amish.  Although it might be fun to live and learn from them for a while.  They have a lot of skills I do not.  But I can surf the interwebs like a pro!  

I hate that facebook didn't exist ten years ago and I seriously cannot imagine my life without it.  I don't think "relationships" were ever meant to be done in this "social media" manner.  It's certainly not a replacement for real life human interaction, but are we maybe trying to make it one? 

The amount of information that is available today is  overwhelming and overstimulating, yet at the same time completely addicting.    

Entertainment has gotten so accessible.  I don't even have to go to a store anymore to pick out a movie, I can lay in my bed with my high speed internet connection and choose from thousands of movies and just keep watching them without any interruption.  

Being entertained is great, I don't have to work hard, I don't have to think.  I can completely zone out.  

I believe in rest, and resting well, but how quickly can the ease of being entertained slip into sluggardness.  It's easier to surf the internet mindlessly than do just-about-anything else.  

I feel like technology has made my attention span and my memory go down the tubes.  Actually here's an article to support that.  

Even our news is sensational aimed at sucking us in by "entertaining" us.  If you clicked on that link above, I'm sure that you see ads for other news stories with photos of scantly clad women.

Most entertainment is either sex or violence.  Nothing edifying.  "Entertainment" debases us to our carnal cavemen selves.  

I'm not pointing fingers at the entertainment industry.  I'm blaming my own lack of self discipline, being quietly seduced to live in a fantasy world, that's much easier, and much more about my comfort than anything else.  A world that revolves around me, and what I want, that gratifies me at my instant whim.  

It's frankly easier and more fun to live in that world, than face a world that is hurting and hopeless.  

Jesus, wake me from my apathetic, entrainment slumber.  (...without being Amish)

Thoughts?  Share em in the comments.  

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