Thursday, December 5, 2013

December Garden Update! [VIDEO]

IMG 2799 from Jim and Jess Baker on Vimeo.

Hey everyone!  Here's my December garden update video!  I shot it on my new ipod touch, let me know if you think the video quality is better.  And I apologize for blanking out on some of it, I shot this before I had any coffee.  :)  I'm including below what I forgot.  

0:57 - The One Straw Revolution - Masanobu Fukuoka
(I came outside yesterday to do Laundry after doing this video and saw a bird hovering near some of the greens, so I think he was eating some of those pests!)
1:27 - I tried again to get some seeds out of there later in the day and it did work!  I threw them in one of the grow beds to see if they will grow! 
3:45 - Dahlia
4:04 - My moringa is now completely gone, just a stem :(  
4:16 - Tumeric

Questions?  Comments?  Comment and let us know!  

- Farmer Jim 

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