Monday, December 9, 2013

How Do Things Go From Epic To Cheesy? Click Here And Tell Us Why

Have you ever watched a movie that you thought was great and then watched it again years later and laughed at how cheesy it was?...

Why does this happen?  Why can our perception of something at one point in life, be that it's the best thing ever, and then later in life, think that same thing, that has not changed at all, is dumb?  

Is it because now we've seen new "better" things, so now we have something new to compare the old thing to, which makes it pale in comparison?  

Is newer always better?  

How can I fully appreciate something, and not live as a part of this disposable culture?  

How does this mindset shape our relationships with others?  Or even our relationship with God?  

Thoughts?  Share with us in the comments.  


  1. It's all about the difference between the Beautiful and the pretty; the True and the truistic; the Good and the nice. If we don't want to be part of a disposable culture, then we ought not fall in love with disposable things, be they experiences, limited perceptions, cherished opinions, or indulgence of cheap and senseless passions. Instead we should aim for the fullness of the Beautiful, the True, and the Good - God himself. The challenge is in stripping ourselves of our attachment to what is disposable for the sake of God who is alone permanent. But that is the first step - renouncing the "cheesy" for the sake of the "epic."

    The "epic" is always more than we already have. This doesn't mean we should search for "new" things, but we should in fact be suspicious of "new" things, because their newness is evidence of their disposability; the fact that they are not permanent. The truth is never "new," it is never "old." It simply is; the challenge is in training ourselves to see it when we are naturally inclined, it seems, to either suppress or ignore it.

  2. great thoughts dan, thanks for sharing!


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