Friday, April 26, 2013


April 23rd's 365.  

So on November 1st of last year Jess and I set out to take a photo a day of ourselves for a whole year.  Lately we've been really stinking at it...
My mom, my grandma, and one of my sisters have all joined in on the 365 project.  We've all kind of fallen off the bandwagon.  So here as an attempt of reviving this... 

Below is a list of photos for the month of MAY.  So number 1 will start on May 1st.  

All photos MUST be taken BY YOU and be OF YOU.  Meaning... you have to set the shot up, no one else can be holding the camera.  The point of 365's is to learn how to use your camera better.  So for some of these you've got to bust out your tripod, or set your camera away from you on something sturdy, and use your timer for some of these shots.  You also might have to read through your manual to figure out how to adjust your shutter speeds and apertures.  GOOGLE is also your friend :)  If you don't know what something means, you can type it into google or you can ask me.  That's why I'm posting this list a few days before May 1st.  Ask questions in the comments and check back for answers.  Each photo MUST be posted online the day it's taken.  (That last rule is for me because I slack and take some photos then post like 3 weeks worth 3 weeks later.)  

Anyone can join in!  In fact, it'd be super fun if you did join in.  We've been posting them on flickr.  But you can post them on facebook if you want.  

Print this list out and put it somewhere where you're going to see it and be reminded!  Here we go :)  

1.  A photo of you with your camera at its max zoom (set your camera up far away on a tripod, or set it on something sturdy and then you're going to have to use the timer) 
2.  A photo of you with the camera at its max wide angle
3.  freezing motion (high shutter speed)
4.  showing motion (low shutter speed)  
5.  an environmental portrait - you and your environment
6.  a low key portrait 
7.  a high key portrait 
8.  a photo of just your hands holding something you cherish
9.  an indoor portrait using lamps or lights as your lighting, no flash (move lights around) 
10.  A passport/drivers license style photo 
11.  A macro photo of your eye (use the macro function on your camera, make sure your flash is OFF)
12.  A silloute of you (back light) 
13. You and your shadow 
14. A portrait of you from up high (the camera is up high looking down) 
15. A portrait of you from down low (the camera is down low looking up)
16. A portrait of you seated 
17. A funny face 
18. You and your reflection not in a mirror, any other reflective surface
19. You and your reflection in a mirror 
20. A photo at the lowest f-stop (shallow depth of field, blurry background)  
21.  A photo of you at a highest f-stop (deep depth of field, everything in focus)  
22. A photo of you in a vehicle (be safe, don't drive and take photos)
23. A nighttime portrait using your highest ISO (no flash) 
24. You and your breakfast
25. You and your lunch 
26. You and a snack
27. You and your dinner
28. Feet off the floor
29. You and your handwriting 
30. A heavily edited photo of you 

Engage:  Are you going to participate?  I'm excited to see everyones creative interpretations of this list!  Let us know in the comments!  


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