Monday, April 8, 2013

Hey Bakers... How were your flights? | And 2 travel tips.

Jess and I with her Mom and Step Dad Greg in Pittsburgh.

We landed on Thursday in Honolulu.  Jess' mom and step dad Greg took us to Pittsburgh Wednesday night before we flew out... 

We got dinner at the famous Primanti Brothers.  Then we stayed in a motel that had a shuttle to the airport for our 7am flight.  Jess got a few hours of sleep in the motel.  I stayed up the whole night hoping that would help get me on schedule for beating jet lag, and hoping that I could just take the two long flights asleep.  I barely slept on either flight.  

Travel Tips 
1.  Travel with ear plugs if you want to sleep.  
2.  Buy food at the airport and take it with you on the plane. Make sure that it will travel well and take it on your long flight, it will be cheaper and more filling that what they offer you in flight.  Or you could be super prepared and pack something from home.  

I snapped this photo with you in mind, this was near the end of our flight.  

The second flight I played this annoying game with the guy behind me.  Every time I put my head back against my seat I would hit his hand with my head.  I would think that after the first time he would have learned... but it continued for the whole 7 hour flight from Phoenix to Honolulu.  Jess said he was an elderly man whose back probably hurt and had to lean forward.  Having had back problems in the past, I can sympathize, but it was still a shock every time I put my head back and would hit his hand.  

We're off to work in 10 minutes.  Jess is going to be trained in the office today, and I'm going to help the other staff with some base clean up before the DTS students arrive later this week!  

I'll post next about our first few days in Hawaii.  

Engage:  What has been your craziest plane experience?  Share with us in the comments.  


  1. I actually like plane food for some odd reason.... but I guess I get meals since my flights are longer. And what I've learned? When you have a 15 hour flight.... choose an ISLE SEAT! Then you can stretch your legs at least a little and get up to walk or go to the bathroom without bothering people around you. I can't sleep on planes either....

  2. Another great tip, pack an empty water bottle, then fill it up at the airport after going through's a lot of money, they seem to charge an arm and a leg at the airport for water! :)

  3. When I flew from DC to Buenos Aires, I had a connection in Bogota but since we arrived late, I missed the connection. The next flight to BA wasn't for two whole days! It was kinda crazy arriving in Bogota at midnight and learning you were going to be there for awhile...but the airline paid for a hotel and food at a nice place right next to the airport with a free airport shuttle. I also got to meet up with some missionaries and overall it turned out quite well! Haha, but I'm sure my parents weren't thrilled at that text message waking them up at 2 in the morning.

  4. i'm an aisle guy myself :) i remember that flight to china… it was a long one… i think i took sleeping pills to get through it.

  5. that is a good tip! i asked the flight attendant to give me as much water as they can when they come around, they are usually pretty generous, and then I sometimes walk to the back to get more. You gotta stay hydrated on those flights those things dry you out!

  6. whoops. i've never missed a connection I don't think. That is pretty crazy.

  7. HA! Great post! When I was 13 I was flying to Europe with a friend. Our parents thought it would be good to get us a flight that left late at night so we would sleep on the way over. Well, we thought it would be a great idea to bring along the fake nail kits (the ones with super glue) and do that on the plane. The lady in front of me HATED us by the end of the flight. I super glued (on accident of course) my hand to the pull down tray..

  8. woah, that's intense thanks for sharing!


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