Friday, April 19, 2013

Social Media Sensitivity? | What was your response to the Boston Marathon Bombing?

Jess finishing the marathon she ran in 2011.

I pulled my scheduled facebook post and tweet that pointed to this blog post Monday evening....

In comparrison to the bombing that happened in Boston I didn't think that a post about what I was doing that day was very important.

I checked twitter to see if anyone else had stopped their scheduled tweets, one of the main bloggers I follow did not.  

On Monday facebook was full of comments about the Boston Marathon Bombing as well as the regular everyday status updates.  

It reminded me of when 9/11 happened and I was in school... some people were affected by it, barley able to move, blank stares on their faces and I remember others scampering to their next class laughing and carrying on like nothing happened.  

I didn't tweet or update my facebook status saying anything about the bombing.  I tend not to talk much about current events online.  I feel like there are enough people saying things.  

So this all leaves me asking questions.  Is there a "correct" response to national and international tragedy?   And how should that be represented in our social media?  

Engage:  What are your thoughts?  Let us know in the comments.  


  1. I think that it should be left up to the news reporters within reason and anything on the social media should just focus on prayers for all involved.

  2. I posted in response:

  3. I really appreciated having Facebook with everything in Boston, cause a lot of my college friends live and work in Boston - social media can be really great for both updates and support.

  4. thanks for your input!


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