Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Getting Settled in Paradise

Jess cleaning her office

We landed on Thursday in Honolulu and we could not have planned our time better...  

Last Thursday and Friday were days off for the base.  We didn't know that, but it was honestly nice to have a few days of down time to get over jet lag and get settled before having to jump right in.

We made quite a few trips to target to try and make our space more ours.  And well... it really need some sprucing up.  I'll write a whole other post dedicated to our living space soon.  

We hit up all of our favorite local restaurants that' we've been missing.  We got some loco moco, and a mix plate, and some thai food.  :)  

We also made sure to do that before we left the mainland too. They don't have chic-fil-a, chipotle, panera or dunkin donuts here in Oahu.  So we made sure we ate plenty of that before we left.  

Saturday we tried to go for a hike, but we left too late, and when we got there the parking was full, so we didn't end up hiking.  Then on Sunday we tried to go to two different beaches and well... again, we left to late in the day and all of the parking was full, so we didn't end up going to the beach either.  

Monday was our first day of work.  Jess got trained in the office.  And the rest of the staff all pitched in and did some cleaning before the DTS (discipleship training school) students arrive.  I took some photos and put them up on YWAM Honolulu's facebook page, which I will be managing now as a part of my job.  You can see them by clicking here.  I spent the rest of Monday morning weed wacking.  

We've had a couple meetings and will have some more this week.  The DTS students arrive Thursday.  The CBCC (Chronological Biblical Core Course) students are already here and already busy studying their Bible.  :)  

Anyway... the next post will be about our living quarters.  

Engage:  Do you like these more informative personal posts?  How has your week been going so far?  Let us know in the comments!


  1. I like these posts, it's nice to hear about what is going on with you and Jess.

  2. P.s. speaking of restaurants, you should hit of the Green Papaya on Kalakaua - their pho is the best!

  3. I have been having a crazy week. I love these posts! They make my day. :)

  4. thanks glad you like them! have you been blogging lately?

  5. we will have to try that soon!

  6. sorry that your week is crazy… good crazy or bad crazy? thanks i'm glad these posts make your day!


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