Tuesday, August 10, 2010

08.10.10 - PAINTING

taken at a Darrell Hill painting seminar in Hawaii

After 6 months of trying to choose paint colors for the apartment, we pulled the trigger and went and bought paint. (For the living room at least) Luckily there was a lady there at Lowes also buying paint that gave us some tips. I had no clue there was so many choices. Different paint finishes, different types of paints, different types of tools to apply the paint.

We ended up buying foam rollers which are much smaller than your typical roller but everyone said they were quite nice. Jess and I had never seen them before, I think they are intended to use on doors and cabinets, we'll let you know how it goes. We also got a rolling edger since we have a lot of molding in our house and Melissa Stanton said we should get one. She's pretty much the local expert on painting right now since they just bought a house and a redoing it all.

We had a small trim edger in our hands but the lady that worked there said that she had one and threw it away and recommended us a small brush. We got a corner brush too. It was really nice to get real help in a store.

We bought Valspar Hi-def paint. It's a paint that you don't have to use a primer with. We also bought matte finish, because the lady that was there buying paint asked us if we had a lot of flaws in our walls. We answered with an emphatic yes. She said glossy paints show the walls flaws more. So we bought the flat matte.

Here's a pic of how things are looking before the paint

We'll keep you updated
JIM baker


  1. I'm excited to see it when it is done...good luck :)...I hope it goes well for you!

  2. woah, the resident expert commented on the blog :) awesome thanks for all your help with recommendations

  3. i finally get to see your place! can't wait to see it when it's done bakers :)

  4. haha, there's an air mattress with your name on it any time you want to come and stay. since we have been to memphis TWICE now. ;)

  5. Please let I know if this Valspar Hi-Def paint works! We are about to buy a lot of paint and don't want to make a mistake.


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