Monday, April 15, 2013

Hey Bakers... what does Monday in Paradise look like?

This is the view from Ko-Olina which is a resort that I stayed at in 2009 when I vacationed here.  We don't live at a resort.  :)  

I know I said the next post would be about our living situation, I haven't gotten a chance to write that blog yet, but it's coming soon I promise...

So that people don't envision us sipping Mai Tai's on a beach resort in Waikiki...

It's monday.  We had a good weekend.  We spent some time with our friend Joanna and her two kids.  We went bowling with them on Saturday which was a lot of fun.  Even with the bumpers up though I still didn't clear 100.  I'm really bad.  Jess and Joanna both did clear 100 though.  We miss Joby (Joanna's husband who is doing training for the army on the mainland.)  

Jess has already made her way to the office.  Her office hours are 730am-330pm.  Jess is the receptionist for YWAM Honolulu this quarter.  Her main responsibilities are answering and directing phone calls, responding to and redirecting e-mails and sorting the regular mail.  She's been actively trying to find out forwarding addresses for a long list of people that still have mail sent here but are no longer here.  She's also continuing to prepare for her 9 hour teaching on Ephesians, which will happen in June.  

I'm up and blogging.  I've responded to a couple of questions people had on the YWAM Honolulu facebook page.  Worship and intercession is soon, from 830am-10am.  I'm going to take some photos during worship and post them on the facebook page.  

Then I need to meet with a guy here on base to plan and then shoot 6 videos for our upcoming "Launch" meeting.  I'm in charge of Launch which is a meeting on Thursday nights, which is open to the community, and is  aimed at inspiring people to catch God's vision for the call to international missions.  I need to send a few e-mails and get our upcoming YWAM Honolulu newsletter database into mail chimp.  And I need to meet with a few other people today too for some various things.  

Tonite I'm leading a worship practice which is from 545pm-745pm.  I need to select some songs for that and practice them on my own before the practice tonite.  

Today is also our day this week to do laundry.  It's usually Wednesdays but I missed it last week and I'm running out of clothes, so we got permission to do it today.  I'm thinking we'll probably do about 4 loads.  Towels and sheets.  2 loads of darks and a load of whites.  

So that's what we're up to.  It's gonna be a good day!  

Engage:  What are YOU up to today?  Let us know in the comments.  


  1. Joanna? I think I know her...

  2. wait?! How in the world do you know her? ;)

  3. Nice day here,too. Spread weed killer this morning while it was still wet, then spent a couple hours + cleaning out the garage. For some reason garages mess themselves up and need help on a regular basis. Now for a little relaxation in the sun room.

  4. sounds like a good day indeed! Will you play settlers tonite? :)


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