Tuesday, June 15, 2010

06.15.10 - Walrod Family Portraits

Matt and Lisa Stanton took me up on the offer you shouldn't refuse and helped support Jess and I to go to Africa this past winter. We waited until it was spring so that the weather was nicer than shooting during the winter but the day that we picked it was rainy and cloudy! We went for it anyway and I think the pics turned out great. The Walrod's are such an awesome family.

JIM baker


  1. Photos look great...I love your new header (the African Tree)...

  2. I had no idea that Sandi has a brother, I see the familial similarity with all of them.

    Yep, I am in NY, Dan and I are planning on going up to Jamestown on July 4th annd 5th. We should all catch up...

  3. lol thats sandi's brother in law its her sisters husband.

    we'll be out of town on the 4th :(


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