Wednesday, June 9, 2010

06.09.10 - Alex [Maryland Seniors 2011]

I actually taught Alex guitar lessons when she was in middle school. She's been a fan of my photography for a while. She even interviewed me for her photography class! Way before she was a senior, she told me she wanted me to shoot her senior portraits. Well the time has come and I was glad to. She did an AWESOME job.

Upgraded to Lightroom 3 and am very happy with some of the new features. Watermarking being one of them. I'm getting some logos designed up currently I'll let you know how that goes.

If you're interested in working with me for your senior portraits contact me! jimjessbaker (a) gmail (.) com

JIM baker


  1. love them....i really like the one with her on the street...well done!!

  2. thanks!!! have you guys upgraded to LR3?

  3. looks awesome maaan. wanna know how you make the photos so big. been trying to figure that out for years.

  4. thanks hannah, congrats on the 5dm2. i'll shoot you an e-mail about the blog

  5. Seth said we had a beta trail version, he thought there wasn't much difference than what we have...but I don't know, I'm the photo editor, I don't know if he would even notice the differences ;) I haven't tried it myself....maybe I should! :)

  6. you can try the 30 day full version trial... here's a link for a video that outlines some of the new features, if you think they are valuable do it, if not don't.


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