Wednesday, June 23, 2010

06.23.10 - I don't leave comments on your blog because...

Trying out a poll... trying to get easy feedback. I even put a picture up of a flower for your viewing pleasure.

JIM baker

I don't leave comments on your blog because...
(check a box or boxes and hit vote)


  1. Sometimes I comment :D

    if it's photos I generally comment on flickr instead

  2. i normally leave more comments on your deeper, profound thoughts

  3. @ jeff - you do comment sometimes, thanks :)

    @ lisa - its been a while since i've written a "deeper, profound thought."

  4. Time is of the essence and all you really need to say is that you are an amazing photographer and an amazing man of God!! Thanks for your prayers the other night! By the way, I haven't seen a comment from you on my blog site!! LOL!! God Bless!! Andy


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