Wednesday, June 2, 2010

06.03.10 - back from MD

Check out the video of Jess eating her first maryland crab :) Sharon was an awesome instructor. Sorry for the crappy quality, when I uploaded it to blogger, blogger compressed the heck out of it.

Here's a highlight recap of our time in Maryland. (Kinda a long post) Click on the links if you want and LEAVE COMMENTS! I LOVE COMMENTS! If you've having problems leaving comments, let me know via facebook or e-mail.

Saturday night, Jess and I went to Phillips Restaurant at the Baltimore Inner Harbor. We went with some friends we were doing a senior portrait shoot for. I tweeted something like "showing Jess real seafood" and got some flack for it on facebook from a couple Marylanders. My parents don't like seafood so I didn't grow up eating it, so I didn't know any better. My friends didn't like the fact that I called it "real seafood" when its a chain. Honestly it was the BEST crab cake I've ever eaten. And it seemed a lot more authentic and fresh then anything I can get here in Jamestown NY :)

Hopefully we redeemed ourselves by having Jess eat a crab from Bo Brooks. We were hanging out with the Hidey's and Sharon insisted that Jess had to try a crab to fulfill her Maryland experience.

We got back from Maryland yesterday. I'm not going to lie, it was hard to leave. It's strange, I never used to look forward to going back to Maryland, but this time I was REALLY excited to get back, and when it came time to leave I didn't want to.

It was a full week. I feel like I really need at LEAST a week and a half when I go and visit, but I was very grateful for having a complete week. I wish I had some pictures to show you but I don't. I need to start 365ing again. Maybe I'll start this summer. Oh here's a pic I can show you :) Its me and the fam!

from front to back, me, jess, my mom, jeannie (my sister), my dad, lindsey (my neice) and Stephen (my nephew)

My float wraps came, and I'm really happy with the way they turned out! They were put on the wall in our church lobby today! Thanks to Holly Aipolani for taking the pic with my iphone.

I had the float wraps sent to MD so I could share with some people what God has been doing in our lives over the past 9 months. I really truly feel SENT here from Maryland, with an awesome team of people back "home" that are very supportive and encouraging.

It was also great to catch up with a lot of people that I haven't seen in sometime. Its crazy how fast time flies.

I enjoyed driving around Maryland. I got horrible gas mileage (city driving) but I felt like I was actually driving. Weird, some of the things you miss. Checking your blindspot, switching lanes, accelerating quickly.

I was going to keep listing things I liked about MD and things that I learned to appreciate in NY but I decided I won't do that. This has gotten long enough. :)

JIM baker


  1. That is actually one thing I really don't miss about Maryland, the twisty turny loopy highways/freeways. I felt like I was always taking my life into my hands every time I was getting on an on ramp or off ramp. Oh sweet suburbs of NY with no scary freeways! The only problem with the suburbs though is that they are the suburbs. Ick.

  2. Great video....Jess, your a brave soul. Did you eat your crab, Jim? Someone should have taken your photo too. Blog was great..sounds like you had a great visit.

  3. @ moldy - on ramps off ramps are fun, just GUN it.

    @ grandma - i did eat my crab! crab eating is really messy though so i waited until i was done filming

  4. I'm so glad the pictures are up on the wall! Pictures tell a story all in themselves when you capture the essence of someone's face and especially the eyes. The sermon Rick taught on the pictures Judy did was one of the most memorable because I'm a visual person.

  5. you go girl, get that crab :) better you than me!!! Loved seeing you guys and miss you both tons!!

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