Thursday, June 17, 2010

06.17.10 - Adelgren Wedding!

detail shot of the grooms tux

Groomsmen - the Adelgren brothers

Father and the bride

Smiling bride Ashley :)

First dance

first dance

Saturday July 12 2010 Ashley and Nathan got married. I was actually the best man in this wedding but the groom said I could bring my camera along too so I did. I got a few comments from people that they had never seen a best man photographer. Call me the best-man-ographer.

Nate Blick was the actual photographer for the wedding. But we were all switching roles. Nate was playing drums for the first dance so I was asked to take pictures for that segmant of the reception so thats why I have a few first dance pics.

Nathan and Ashley are enjoying a 2 week honeymoon in Hawaii right now and I'm jealous!

Congrats Nathan and Ashley Adelgren!

JIM baker


  1. Love the father and the bride shot, so jealous because no one gets those kinds of shots, unless your a best-man-ographer ;)

  2. maybe i should start a new photography business as the best-man-ographer.


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