Monday, November 11, 2013

YWAM Offerings

This morning after worship, we had a time of giving.  

Today was the deadline for 3 of our School of Biblical Studies students to have their tuition paid in full for this quarter, or they had to go home.  

The total need for the students was a little over $4,000.  

The one hundred of us were dismissed for ten minutes, to pray about how much we were to give and then come back and give.  

There are about 100 full time volunteer missionary staff and students on base currently.  The total giving was over $3000.  

I'm always amazed, at YWAM giving times.  Because none of us make a lot of money, we're all full time volunteers, but the offerings are always quite big, even though many people have financial needs of their own.  

I love being a part of a community that walks in generosity towards one another.  God's economy is so different than the worlds.  

Engage:  Do you have an amazing story of God's provision?  Share with us in the comments.  

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