Friday, November 8, 2013

Didn't end up preaching last night... Resurrection and Clean Water

RK - photo by Yela Minor
I didn't end up preaching last night...

Yesterday afternoon, from my window I could hear RK preaching his heart out to the DTS and I felt like people were connecting with him.  We had hung out last week and he wondered if he was going to share at Launch our Thursday night community meeting.  I told him I was going to... 

But as Thursday arrived I was reminded of this quote...

"The best leaders are often the ones smart enough to get out of the way of smarter people." - Ron Edmondson 

RK preached a simple message reminding us that when we preach the gospel to INCLUDE the resurrection.  

That we often preach heavy on Christ's death... but not His resurrection.  

We have to preach them both... the fullness of what both mean.  

Which do you or your church lean more towards?  And how do you think that affects your theology and how you walk out your life?  

RK also talked about the church that he pastors in Waikiki.  I used to partner up with them on Tuesday nights.  

RK said he believes that people get better by helping others.  And so he encouraged his congregation of mostly homeless people to all give towards giving clean water to people that need it.  

Here's a link for the ministry that RK partners with with some videos and statistics that you should check out.  -->  Thirst Water Program

I've been thinking about sustainability a lot lately, probably because of my new hobby of gardening.  I actually e-mailed this ministry asking about their process.  

I remember some of my friends that worked with the peace corps for a while saying that people would set up wells, thinking it was a good thing, but that the women would continue to walk miles to the river because it was a social thing.  So I'm interested in hearing if people continue to use the filters once they are gone.  

The filter that they use is like $40 on amazon and it filters a million gallons of water.  It seems like $40 is not a lot of money at all to help a family get clean water.

Gah... I'm remembering how sick I was in Africa, and how those kids were probably sick all the time because of the water they were drinking.  Actually in the Pastors meeting that I was in, while in Africa, they said one of their biggest problems was the lack of clean water.  

I've got a meeting next week with a woman from Justice Water which is a ministry of YWAM.  I'm looking forward to getting more information on all of this.  

Thoughts?  Comments?  Comment and share!  

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