Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Question: Productivity and Environment?

Are you more productive in certain environments?  How do you create that productive environment?  And how do you maintain productive in a less than desirable environment?  

Please comment and let us know!  


  1. Most definitely I am more productive depending on the environment - especially since having a child. I can really make his 2 hour nap very productive for myself or I can completely waste that time. Really it's about being focused and acting in the amount of time you know you have. Also, taking a Spark helps me to be more focused and productive - I feel like the energizer bunny with it!

  2. i remember you saying you wanted a craft room… wouldn't it be nice to have rooms solely dedicated to the type of things you wanted to produce :) thanks for sharing your thoughts! may your 2 hour windows of nap time be so productive!


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