Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Do we rob God of blessing us with a clenched fist of disobedience?

Anne giving John Okina a computer from the Praise Fellowship Congergation.  Migori, Kenya

Last monday we had a time of giving during our worship and prayer time here at the YWAM base in Honolulu.  Here’s what happened... 

We finished up our time of worship and prayer and Maria one of our leaders told us we were going to have a time of giving.  She instructed us to ask the Lord if we were suppose to give something to someone.  

She gave us some time to pray and hear from the Lord.  We then were suppose to get whatever we were to give and come back.  If we felt like God was saying to give something to someone we were suppose to come to the front.  It was an awesome time of giving.  I'll share one story from this time with you now and maybe another one later.  

Jess and I, being a married couple, can’t just give something away without talking to one another.  I like this fact, it’s instant accountability and confirmation in hearing the voice of God.  Jess thought she was suppose to give her computer away.  Even before we came out here we had felt God was going to ask us to do this.  

Jess didn’t have clarity on who she was suppose to give it to.  As we discussed it, I suggested that if God hadn’t made it clear than we should just wait.  

During this time of giving, Cortney another staff member give her computer to one of our students.  We instantly knew who we were suppose to give Jess’ computer to.  Cortney.  

Cortney told me this week, she told her parents this story of feeling led to give away her computer.  Her parents weren’t super excited about it at first, but were amazed that God INSTANTLY blessed her obedience.  

Is giving away computers crazy?  Yeah, a little.  But it's an awesome way to walk in obedience.  It also serves as a gut check to see what is Lord in your life and shake down any idols.  

Lets just be honest.  If we’re unwilling to give something up it’s probably an idol.  

I’m not speaking down to you as I write this, I know exactly what the idols are in my life.  

Sometimes giving in obedience is a tangible step of saying I TRUST You God.  

If Cortney would not have been obedient and said I trust You God in giving away her computer, she would not have seen God's blessing that was waiting for her at the other end of her step of faith and obedience.   

Everything God asks you to do or not to do is in your best interest.  

Are you missing out on something God has for you because you're unwilling to let go of what you currently have?  

Engage:  What is your biggest hindrance in giving the way you feel like God might be asking?  Tell us in the comments.  


  1. It is so cool to know more insides.  Yes!  Obedience is the key of entering His aboundance (It is not necessary what we expect!) It is a daily homework.Thanks for sharing.  Viv

  2. Definately something to think about! Thank you so much for being obedient (especially when it doesn't make sense!). God is using you both in huge ways. Keep the good posts coming, they are always an encouragement to me!


  3. This is a very good concept! Thanks for sharing. God has been moving on me a lot in this area. Your story helps bring clarity.

  4. thanks Jeff it comes down to obedience to what God is saying. That and TRUSTING Him and obeying. Such a simple concept huh? ;)
    I'd love to hear what God is doing in your life in this area, shoot me an e-mail! jimjessbaker (at) gmail (dot) com


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