Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Fathers Day Dad!

Happy Fathers Day Dad!  Thanks for being a great Dad!  

I think this is my favorite photo of my Dad.  I took it in 2011 at Ledos pizza.  

Whenever a picture is taken of someone he often says "quit with the cheesy smiles" so I asked him what the perfect picture would be.  He said "you need to look pleasant."  

I asked him to show us a pleasant looking face which is displayed on the left.  Then he burst out laughing and gave us the authentic smile on the right :)  

Thank you for being the #1 encourager of my dreams!  For all of our walks and hot chocolate dates.  For showing me how to draw a battleship.  For dressing up like a pirate for my 7th birthday party.  For working hard and not letting me know we didn't have as much money as most everyone else around us growing up.  For giving me the dodge intrepid when I learned to drive and you from then on taking subsequently older and junkier cars.  And your eagerness to  spend quality time with Jess and I.  Love you pops :)  Miss you too.  Happy Fathers Day!  

Engage:  Do you know my dad?  Comment and let us know what attributes of a good Dad you've seen in him!  

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