Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Miracle Futon!

hello futon.  (I feel like a bad photographer for posting such a low quality photo)

So we had been praying for, and asking people to donate towards a new futon for our new place so that when we had visitors they would have a place to stay...

Then yesterday the housing director called me up and said this "Jim, someone donated a futon, do you want it?"  Well yes... yes I do.  

Coincidence that someone just stops by and donates a futon because they are moving off of the island?  Maybe... I like to see it as a miracle of God's provision.  

We're thankful.  God continues to provide for us in crazy ways.  

I told this story today too.  It's a pretty epic story of God's provision.  -->  One Of The Craziest Steps Of Faith I've Ever Taken.  

Engage:  How have you seen God provide for you recently?  Share with us in the comments!  

1 comment:

  1. It’s true that moving from one place to another place with you all necessary things is not so easy especially the futons as you share here so thanks for this sharing.



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